Rewards Program Information

Why not get rewarded for your loyalty?  We appreciate you and want you to KNOW that.

Earn rewards very easily and redeem them quickly using our new rewards program!

How to Earn:

-Sign up!  It's that easy.  (Click the tab on the right side of your screen titled "Rewards Program") Earn 275 points just for signing up!

-Refer a friend.  When they complete a purchase, YOU get 250 more points and YOUR FRIEND gets a unique 10% discount code for their use only.

-Share on Facebook.  Good old Facebook.  Word of mouth is our bread and butter, so sharing with your friends helps us both!  Easy 50 points earned.

-LIKE on Facebook.  Same story.  Earn 50 points!

How to Redeem those POINTS:

-500 points =$5.00

-1000 points =$10.00

And SO ON!  Its really quite easy!